TecnofarOtomasyon Tecnofar Automation and the medical sector: love at first contact
Tecnofar Automation

Tecnofar Automation and the medical sector: love at first contact

Talking about the history of Tecnofar, we have told you how much care and attention are dedicated to the research of the highest quality products, like tubes and needles.

However, there is an other sector that the Valtellinese company pays the same attention to. For over 40 years, Tecnofar has designed and manufactured machines and automated assembly and test systems and the processing of different products.

In 1975, Tecnofar Automation realized the MAB 1/2 automated machine. With the high speed rotary table, the automated system puts together as accurately as possible particular plastics of any type in few steps.

Tecnofar Automation

It is about a techonology so efficient that it has immediately aroused the interest of important companies in the biomedical sector. Oldest companies which needed to reduce production time, maintaining the hand assembly quality.

From medical and dental sector to the cosmetic one, including automotive industry and many other production environments; the company from Gordona manufactures its machines with the CE marking, adapting to the clients needs in order to look for new challenges to overcome.

Tecnofar Automation

A quality that allows Tecnofar to create solutions which are customized, designed, realized, assembled and in-house tested by highly qualified personnel, using modern 3D solid modelling software and high-precision CNC machine tools. 

Moreover, not only does the Valtellinese company offer a product warranty, but it also does provide a high level customer service. If you want to discover more about Tecnofar and its products, click here.